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Avita Laptops Price List in India 2021

Avita Laptops Seller Price
AVITA Essential NE14A2INC433-MB 14-inch Laptop Amazon ₹18,990
AVITA Essential NE14A2INC433-CR 14-inch Laptop Amazon ₹18,990
Avita Pura Ryzen 3 Dual Core 3200U NS14A6INU541-SGGYB Flipkart ₹27,990
AVITA PURA NS14A6INU541-SGGYB 14-inch Laptop Amazon ₹31,970
AVITA PURA NS14A6INU442-MEGYB 14-inch Laptop Amazon ₹25,990
AVITA Liber NS14A8INF561-PAF 14-inch Laptop NS14A8INF561-PAF        Amazon ₹40,990
AVITA LIBER V14 NS14A8INF562-CS 14-inch Laptop Amazon ₹40,990
AVITA LIBER V14 NS14A8INW561-IBA 14-inch Laptop Amazon ₹43,490
Avita Liber V14 Ryzen 5 Quad Core 3500U NS14A8INV562-MOA Flipkart ₹38,990
AVITA PURA NS14A6INT441-SGGYB 14-inch Laptop Amazon ₹28,800
Avita Liber Core i5 10th Gen NS14A8INF541-PW Flipkart ₹39,990
AVITA LIBER V14 NS14A8INF561-MB 14-inch Laptop Amazon ₹39,990
AVITA LIBER V14 NS14A8INF561-CS 14-inch Laptop Amazon ₹39,990
AVITA Magus Lite NS12T5IN006P 12.2-inch Laptop Amazon ₹16,898
Avita Liber Core i7 8th Gen NS14A2IN241P Flipkart ₹75,990