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Latest V-Guard Electric Kettles Price List in India 2021

V-Guard Electric Kettles Seller Price
V-Guard VKM12 1.2L Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Cooker/Kettle (Candy Red) Amazon ₹1,429
V-Guard VKS17 Prime 1.7L 1900 W Stainless Steel Electric Kettle with Cool Touch Body (Copper Black) Amazon ₹2,299
V-Guard VKM12 Electric Kettle(1.2 L, Steel, Candy Red) Flipkart ₹1,430
V-Guard VKG17 Electric Kettle(1.7 L, Black, Glass) Flipkart ₹1,799
V-Guard VKS18 1.8L Stainless Steel Kettle (Silver & Black) Amazon ₹1,219
V-Guard VKS17-DG 1.7L 304 Stainless Steel Digital Kettle with Variable Temperature Settings (Silver & Black) Amazon ₹2,199
V-Guard VKS18 Electric Kettle(1.8 L, Steel, Black) Flipkart ₹1,220
V-Guard VKS17 Prime Electric Kettle(1.7 L, Copper, Black) Flipkart ₹2,299
V-Guard VKS17-DG Electric Kettle(1.7 L, Black, Steel) Flipkart ₹2,199